23 Oct

Article on China’s circular economy in Nature Climate Change

Abandoned quarry

This analysis, by a large international author team led by Lulu Song, shows that recycling can deliver substantial emission reductions, but not enough to meet climate targets. Instead, we have to radically decarbonize production and consumption or simply consume less. Whilst the article focuses on China, the same patterns are likely to be valid in other countries and globally. See here the article. See also here for a summary reflection on the findings.

Image: Astrid Westvang.

28 Apr

Beyond the Buzzwords: Circular Economy

The Beyond the Buzzwords project explains popular terms related to sustainability. The project is run by the Yale Center for Business and the Environment (CBEY) and the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale (CITY). I worked with the project to break down the term “circular economy”. The page is now available here.

18 Jun

Why we’ll still need waste in a circular economy

Find another use for it. Steve Buissinne/PixabayCC BY

(The original article was published here by The Conversation.)

Every year, we buy 30 billion tonnes of stuff, from pizza boxes to family homes. We throw out or demolish 13 billion tonnes of it as waste – about 2 tonnes per person. A third of what we discard was bought the same year. The extraction, use and discarding of so much stuff creates a large environmental burden, from the depletion of minerals to the destruction of rainforests.

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04 Feb

New article on waste in the circular economy

The article focuses on EU waste legislation and the need to balance between regulating waste for environmental and health protection, and promoting waste prevention through resource cycling. We suggest a new requirement for “recognising use potential” to counterbalance the very restrictive definition of waste. Access the article here.